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When buying a mobile / manufactured home in San Diego, there are a few things to consider.

Age Requirements
The manufactured home communities have varying age requirements. Some communities allow all-age groups to be residents, and others have specific age requirements. There are parks that are 55/45 (meaning the youngest person in the home can be 45, as long as there is someone who is 55+ living in the home).
Termite and Health & Safety inspections are always recommended. Even if you are looking to remodel the home, mobile and manufactured home inspectors are specialists in their field. A trained inspector will be able to show you the subtle yet important things to look out for in a specific home. Termite inspections are under $100 with some companies offering them for free. Health & Safety inspections range from $250 - $400, but the time and money you spend on these inspections are worth the piece of mind you will get from them.
Space Rent
The communities in San Diego require new residents to make approximately three times the space rent to qualify. If a community's space rent is $1,000 per month, the new resident will need to have a $3,000+ per month income. The advertised space rent from manufactured home communities usually covers the cost of leasing the land. Be sure to ask the community managers what is covered in rent and what is metered or on a separate charge. Although these costs are minimal, it is nice to know in advance what your future monthly payments will be. Gas, electric, water, trash, and sewer are additional costs to consider.
Have an experienced agent
As experienced agents, we make sure that your rights as a client of ours, buyer or seller, are protected. Understanding the civil code, we will ensure both parties know their responsibilities, to make for a smooth transaction. We believe in making a connection between buyers, sellers, and communities, so that everyone is happy with the outcome. Our agents live in the communities we sell in. This along with having a professional relationship with the managers, is a crucial advantage to successfully navigating this affordable and wonderful lifestyle.
There are so many factors when selling your mobile or manufactured home. Here are the most important ones to get you the most for your home. This information can be applied to real estate as well, and is also applicable if you are selling your mobile / manufactured home outside of San Diego.
First and foremost, price is the most important factor when selling your manufactured home.
Overpricing a home will result in being overlooked by many potentially interested buyers.
Underpricing may result in a buyer offering an even smaller amount than the home is worth.
A market analysis of your home will show what homes, that are similar to yours (year/condition), in your area have sold for. In manufactured home sales, this information is private; so, it is important to list with a company that has sold a lot of homes recently. We sell one every business day :).
After price, condition is the next most important factor when selling. Most buyers are looking to move as soon as they buy. Therefore, the move-in-ready homes will be sold first, and for more money.
This includes landscaping done and completed, closets and cabinets organized (buyers almost always open closed cabinets to see storage space). Note, hiring a professional cleaner is always recommended.
De-personalization is key. The collection of moose heads and pictures of family should all go into storage. You want a buyer to feel like your home has space for their family pictures and space for their belongings to go. The home should be cleaned of extra items (toothbrushes, dishes, toys, etc.). Consistent cleanliness is a large task, but is absolutely necessary while your home is on the market. 
If your home is available to be shown, it will be available to receive offers. The homes that sell the fastest are homes that have lockboxes on the front door. This allows agents to show at their leisure. Certain buyers are in a rush and have only a few days to make a decision to buy a home. 
The last factor when selling a home is exposure. It is important to choose an agent with local marketing knowledge. 
We advertise on Zillow,, Craigslist, Facebook Twitter, the San Diego Union Tribune (print & digital), MH Village, through local mailings, and targeted google ads. We also pay for key words through google that pertain to local markets interested in buying and selling mobile homes in San Diego. You should make sure your agent is doing the same. 
If you are ready to sell or buy your mobile/manufactured home, give us a call anytime: 619-596-0333
If you find yourself asking "Who sells the most mobile homes in San Diego", "Who sells the most manufactured homes in San Diego", and "How do get the most for my manufactured home", we are your answer. Thank you for reading!

Key Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Prospective buyers these days have more options than ever before. Aside from simply buying an existing home on the market, they can also choose to have their own home custom built. Manufactured homes are becoming an increasingly popular option, especially among buyers in the San Diego area. For those exploring the option to buy a new home, there are many reasons to at least consider manufactured housing.

Fully Customizable

For starters, manufactured homes are fully customizable, allowing buyers to pick and choose how they want their new home to look. From flooring and paint colors to kitchen counter materials and everything in between, buyers get to decide on just about every little detail of their new home.

Quick Turnaround

Unlike traditional new home construction, which can take months or even years to complete, a manufactured home can be built in just a fraction of the time. That's because these homes are pre-fabricated in a factory or warehouse, and then shipped to the desired location to be put together. This makes manufactured homes a great option for those who want the luxury of building a new home from scratch, but without the drawn-out waiting game that comes along with it.

More Affordable

Manufactured homes are also among the most budget-friendly options on the market, making them a wonderful option for first-time buyers who don't want to have to compromise or "settle" on their first home. Going with a manufactured home is a great way to make one's budget go farther than ever imagined, no matter how big or small it may be.

Able to Be Moved

Finally, manufactured homes also have the option to be moved down the road, since they are not built into a deep foundation like a "traditional" home. As a result, owners can actually take their homes with them if the need arises to move elsewhere. Furthermore, with a manufactured home, buyers can select and buy their own piece of land and have the home essentially delivered to them, rather than being forced to buy in a crowded subdivision.

These are just a few of the many compelling reasons for buyers to consider manufactured homes as a viable option. With so many customization options, a quick turnaround time, and the ability to stretch any budget, it's no wonder so many home buyers are beginning to go this route.

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Just like real estate, Mobile Homes have numerable factors that determine price. We all know that condition, location, age of home, and surrounding areas all attribute to the equation.

For this post, I will be speaking solely about mobile and manufactured homes that are on land lease property. This means that you own the home but are still paying space rent for the land the home is sitting on (this is how most mobile home parks in San Diego operate). Because space rents vary, they play a huge factor in the price of the home.

A mobile home in a community or park with a space rent of $600/month would have a much higher price tag, with all factors equal, than a home in a community or park that has a space rent of $1,100/month. This is because the higher rent mobile home will cost $500 more a month and therefore would be a more expensive monthly investment.

The way we at Mobile Home Connection figure the price of a home is based off of a lot of factors. What is the space rent? Is there a view? Is the home move in ready? Clean? Are all appliances and fixtures in working condition?

Along with all of those factors, we take into consideration a list of recent comparable homes sold in the same community. It must be understood that no two homes are the same, some homes have been sold in situations such as a short-sale, foreclosure, and many other instances giving an unrealistic idea of what a home is worth. Comparing homes go as follows;

If we have a 2007 mobile home for sale in a certain park then we would take all of the 2007 homes sold in that park in similar condition and divide the sale price by the square footage of the home. We only use comparable homes within the same one year frame we are in because the market always fluctuates. To make this example more understandable, I will only be using three comparable homes for this, while in most cases I am able to reference many more.

Assuming that all of the homes are the same year and in similar condition and location in the park (these prices are based on a space rent of 700/mo):
Sales Price ÷ Square Feet = Price Per Square Foot

$100,000 ÷ 1,400 sq. ft. = $71.43 per square foot

$125,000 ÷ 1,500 sq. ft. = $83.33 per square foot

$85,000 ÷ 1,300 sq. ft. = $65.38 per square foot

After this we will figure out the average price per square foot for a 2007 house in this community.

$71.43 + $83.33 + $65.38 = $220.14 ÷ 3 = $73.38

So $73.38 is the average price per square footage for a 2007 manufactured home in this particular park.

Hypothetically, when going out to appraise a 2007 manufactured home that is 1,450 sq. ft. in similar condition and in the same park as the homes above, I would, multiply 1,450 sq. ft. by the average price per square footage, $73.38, which equals $106,401.
1,450 sq. ft. × $73.38 = $106,401

I will always offer my sellers an option to place a cushion on the home, as long as they agree to slightly lower the price if we get no offers in the first month. In a market like today’s (2017) we receive an offer within five days of a listing a home IF it is priced correctly.

Making a mobile home feel like a million bucks

With the economy going up and down, it is often difficult for those buying homes to be able to purchase a luxury home in a high-end neighborhood. Prefab homes in the San Diego area offer those wanting the benefit of homeownership without the need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just because a homeowner chooses to live in a mobile home he or she does has to have it look like it was inexpensive. There are many things that can be done to make a mobile home feel and look like a million bucks.

Crown molding

Even the smallest of details can help make a home look and feel better. That is where crown molding comes into play. This fine details helps add the finishing touches to a room and give it an elegant appearance. There are many unique designs that can add visual appeal to a room and making it feel like the home is very expensive.


Having a lot of clutter around a home can not only make it feel cramped, but it can also make the home feel likes it is worth so much less than it is. Taking care of the clutter and having a place for everything will help make the home feel more valuable.


Lighting can transform a room with the flip of a switch. Not only is it functional, but it helps set the overall mood of a room. Select lighting that is elegant and pick out lampshades that can make the lighting the focal point of the room.


Rooms can start to look dull and dingy over time. Adding a fresh coat of paint can almost instantly transform a room. Paint color also helps make a home look more valuable, especially when two different colors are used in the same room. Two-toned rooms can add a bold and dynamic and high-end touch to a room.

With some work and some time, it is possible to transform the look and feel of a home. By taking care of a few things around the home can help make a mobile home feel like it is an expensive home. Plus, any of these things are very inexpensive, making it possible to do them on just about any budget.

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