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Key Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Prospective buyers these days have more options than ever before. Aside from simply buying an existing home on the market, they can also choose to have their own home custom built. Manufactured homes are becoming an increasingly popular option, especially among buyers in the San Diego area. For those exploring the option to buy a new home, there are many reasons to at least consider manufactured housing.

Fully Customizable

For starters, manufactured homes are fully customizable, allowing buyers to pick and choose how they want their new home to look. From flooring and paint colors to kitchen counter materials and everything in between, buyers get to decide on just about every little detail of their new home.

Quick Turnaround

Unlike traditional new home construction, which can take months or even years to complete, a manufactured home can be built in just a fraction of the time. That's because these homes are pre-fabricated in a factory or warehouse, and then shipped to the desired location to be put together. This makes manufactured homes a great option for those who want the luxury of building a new home from scratch, but without the drawn-out waiting game that comes along with it.

More Affordable

Manufactured homes are also among the most budget-friendly options on the market, making them a wonderful option for first-time buyers who don't want to have to compromise or "settle" on their first home. Going with a manufactured home is a great way to make one's budget go farther than ever imagined, no matter how big or small it may be.

Able to Be Moved

Finally, manufactured homes also have the option to be moved down the road, since they are not built into a deep foundation like a "traditional" home. As a result, owners can actually take their homes with them if the need arises to move elsewhere. Furthermore, with a manufactured home, buyers can select and buy their own piece of land and have the home essentially delivered to them, rather than being forced to buy in a crowded subdivision.

These are just a few of the many compelling reasons for buyers to consider manufactured homes as a viable option. With so many customization options, a quick turnaround time, and the ability to stretch any budget, it's no wonder so many home buyers are beginning to go this route.

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Making a mobile home feel like a million bucks

With the economy going up and down, it is often difficult for those buying homes to be able to purchase a luxury home in a high-end neighborhood. Prefab homes in the San Diego area offer those wanting the benefit of homeownership without the need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just because a homeowner chooses to live in a mobile home he or she does has to have it look like it was inexpensive. There are many things that can be done to make a mobile home feel and look like a million bucks.

Crown molding

Even the smallest of details can help make a home look and feel better. That is where crown molding comes into play. This fine details helps add the finishing touches to a room and give it an elegant appearance. There are many unique designs that can add visual appeal to a room and making it feel like the home is very expensive.


Having a lot of clutter around a home can not only make it feel cramped, but it can also make the home feel likes it is worth so much less than it is. Taking care of the clutter and having a place for everything will help make the home feel more valuable.


Lighting can transform a room with the flip of a switch. Not only is it functional, but it helps set the overall mood of a room. Select lighting that is elegant and pick out lampshades that can make the lighting the focal point of the room.


Rooms can start to look dull and dingy over time. Adding a fresh coat of paint can almost instantly transform a room. Paint color also helps make a home look more valuable, especially when two different colors are used in the same room. Two-toned rooms can add a bold and dynamic and high-end touch to a room.

With some work and some time, it is possible to transform the look and feel of a home. By taking care of a few things around the home can help make a mobile home feel like it is an expensive home. Plus, any of these things are very inexpensive, making it possible to do them on just about any budget.

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8 Popular Things to Look For When Buying a Manufactured Home in Southern California

When people look for manufactured homes to purchase in California, they have many different characteristics and features to consider. Buyers need to evaluate a range of fixtures, appliances, materials and design elements. They often favor dwellings with one or more of these popular amenities:

1. Double-paned windows make it more comfortable to live in manufactured homes in San Diego or Los Angeles. They help keep city street noise outdoors. Multiple layers of glass also cut cooling expenses during the summer.

2. Buyers who want lower utility bills often look for Energy Star certifications. The efficiency of an entire manufactured house might be certified. Alternately, separate systems and appliances may have Energy Star labels.

3. Gas, electric and wood fireplaces have achieved great popularity. Two out of five homebuyers express a willingness to pay extra for them. These units provide an appealing focal point and supply enough heat to keep some homes warm during southern California's mild winter.

4. Many people look for buildings that were manufactured in 1972 or a more recent year. These homes' designs offer enhanced fire safety, according to the Lompoc Record. Modern manufactured houses are frequently equivalent or slightly better than conventional homes in terms of fire prevention.

5. Some buyers seek greater quality assurance by looking for dwellings that include guarantees. A number of pre-owned houses come with one-year home warranties. Relatively recent buildings may feature transferable long-term warranties from the manufacturer.

6. Walk-in closets have become quite popular among homebuyers across the nation. These convenient storage areas provide considerable amounts of space for clothing, seasonal items and other belongings. Some people also use them to impress their friends.

7. Although it's not as crucial in coastal areas, central air conditioning comes in handy throughout much of southern California. These systems operate more efficiently and generate less noise than window units. Numerous manufactured homes offer this feature.

8. Porches and decks provide appealing places to enjoy the Golden State's warm, sunny weather. They make it easier for people to relax, eat and cook outdoors. Some homeowners add canopies or umbrellas that allow them to use decks under a wider range of conditions.

Other potentially desirable features include kitchen islands, tile countertops, laundry appliances and ceiling fans. Californians look for different manufactured home amenities depending on where they live and what activities they enjoy.

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What's the Difference Between Manufactured and Mobile Homes?

What's the difference between manufactured homes and mobile homes? It's common to find these two terms used interchangeably, but that's not exactly correct. It is fair to say that they both have things in common. Both mobile and manufactured homes in San Diego get manufactured in a factory and may provide an affordable and durable alternative to a traditional house. Because of this, they have become increasingly popular alternatives to traditional homes. However, there are also some important distinctions. 

Mobile vs. Manufactured Houses

In the past, mobile homes were mostly trailers that got pulled behind a truck on their own sets of wheels. The homes are totally manufactured in a factory and are delivered in their completed form. Once the mobile home gets to its final destination, it may be hooked up to local utilities and even attached to a cement or concrete foundation.

Modern mobile homes could range from small camping trailers to large double-wide or triple-wide units. Very often, larger mobile homes do get attached to foundations, so they aren't really very mobile once that happens. That might be why manufactured and mobile homes get confused with each other.

Manufactured homes have their parts constructed in a factory. Trucks deliver these parts to a lot and then a crew assembles the parts into the finished home. With manufactured homes, the homes must be assembled according to the same building codes that would apply to any house. Also, they are not intended to be mobile.

Because the parts are precisely machined in a factory and assembled to high standards, it's fair to say that the manufactured home is as durable as any home that has been totally built onsite. Once the home has been completed, it's virtually indistinguishable from a traditional house that has been built on a lot from scratch.

Are Mobile and Manufactured Homes Good Alternatives to Traditional Homes?

Both mobile and manufactured homes are likely to cost much less than a new house that has been built from scratch. Since the cost of new homes has been rising lately, lots of people consider these alternative ways to get a home. The biggest difference between a manufactured and mobile home is that a mobile home is more likely to depreciate and a manufactured home may appreciate the same as any other house. A mobile home may provide an affordable solution for housing, but a manufactured home has a better potential to serve as an investment.

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Major Considerations When Financing Pre-Fabricated Homes

When it comes to finances, pre-fabricated homes are treated differently from other types of more conventional home builds. Pre-fabricated homes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges, and are one of the best options for homeowners looking for sustainable and easy-to-build housing. Nevertheless, there are some considerations that need to be made regarding the financing of these homes. 

Pre-Fabricated Homes Can Be Funded through Traditional Mortgages

Conventional construction mortgages can be used in the building of a pre-fabricated or modular home. They cannot be used when building a mobile home -- a mobile home requires a specific type of loan. This is one of the largest considerations for those who are deciding between the two types. Though a modular, pre-fabricated home will generally be more expensive than a mobile home, the difference in funding options may be enough to still make a pre-fabricated home the better choice financially.

Pre-Fabricated Homes Come in a Wide Range of Quality Levels

Quality levels need to be considered if a property owner is considering later selling the property or taking out a home equity loan. Prefab homes in San Diego can range from affordable "tiny houses" to quite expensive luxury builds. A home is considered pre-fabricated if the parts are created somewhere else and merely assembled on-site. It cannot be assumed that a home is cheap or that it is of low quality because it is pre-fabricated. But because of this, a home buyer has to be especially conscientious when they compare different builds. The type of pre-fabricated home selected will greatly influence the assessed value of the property and its sale value later on.

Pre-Fabricated Homes Require a Land Purchase

Mobile homes -- even ones that are built to be stationary -- have an infrastructure that can be moved if necessary. This is why mobile homes can commonly be placed on leased land. Modular homes are different: though some of them can be disassembled and moved, the majority are not meant to be moved once they have been fully assembled. This provides for unique designs and architecture when compared to traditional mobile homes, but it also means that the home buyer will have to purchase land before they purchase a modular property. 

Financing a pre-fabricated home is very similar to financing a conventional property. There are only two major differences: the pre-fabricated home will not cost enough and will need to be purchased separately from the land that it is to be put on. Many companies that sell modular homes also have relationships with local financiers, to make the process easier for the customer. 

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