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1) How quickly can I list my home and put it on the market?
With one of our knowledgeable agents this can be accomplished the same day.
2) Is selling a mobile home different from selling real property?
Mobile/manufactured homes are considered personal property, similar to an automobile unless the home has been permanently attached to the foundation. The Department of Housing oversees the transfer of ownership of homes not permanently affixed to the foundation.
Most mobile/manufactured homes in communities around San Diego are not permanently attached to the foundation. On the rare occasion that a home is permanently attached to the foundation the Department of Housing removes it from its records and it then gets recorded through the county. Our experienced industry agents know how to check for this.
3) How long will it take to sell my mobile/manufactured home?
Homes can be sold in as little as a few days depending on several factors. If you own your home free and clear and it is on ILT which means you paid sales tax when you purchased it and pay a yearly registration fee. If your buyer has cash, it can be a couple days.
Before a sale can be completed, your buyer must first be approved for residency in the community. Your buyer will need to fill out a park application providing identification for a background check. Some parks do this very quickly however the civil code states that parks have 14 days by law to approve or deny residency once they receive a completed application. Should your home be on the local tax rolls, your buyer will want a tax clearance to be sure taxes are current. Will the buyer need financing? Do you have your original title?
4) What is my home worth?
You could be sitting on a pile of gold! In a market on the upswing it is worth slightly more than the last comparable home sold in your community. Parks, or mobile home communities all have their own unique value. As an example, when a lender sends out an Appraiser to provide them with the value of a mobile home, the appraiser is not allowed to go outside of the community for comps unless there are no comparable homes that have been sold within the community.
5) What are the costs of selling a mobile home?
While everything is negotiable, traditional mobile/manufactured home sales have the buyer paying all closing costs, even the agent's commission. The fees to purchase a mobile home compared to real property are surprisingly low.
The state of California allows for a special type of escrow only for manufactured home Dealers termed "A Dealer Escrow" This is an affordable and sensible way to be certain all legal details have been addressed before money changes hands.
1) How should I start my home search?
Linking up with an agent is the quickest way to start your search. You can give us a call 619-596-0333 or come into the office 10769 Woodside Ave #102., Santee, CA 92071.  In a fast market, like today's, it is best to find out about the homes from an agent directly as there are many moving parts that happen with listings. A home that is marked with "deposit" on it means that the home is now taking back up offers.
2) What do I need to qualify for purchasing a home?
- A down payment + closing costs
as low as 5% down for a 1977 or newer.
as low as 20% down for a 1976 or older.
- An accepted offer.
- Park/community approval.
- If the home is on tax rolls the county will want to collect those taxes up front for the remainder of the calendar year and if it is at the end of the year the county will insist on the taxes for the next fiscal year.
- Homeowners insurance and one month impounds plus appraisal fee and the first years insurance.
If you need a down payment:
as low as 5% down for a 1977 or newer.
as low as 20% down for a 1976 or older.
3) What if I need a loan?
We recommend talking to one of our professional industry experts before starting your home search, this way you know what you can afford before you start looking. We have a team of agents awaiting your calls.
4) How do I get park approval?
Every San Diego community has unique requirements that need to be navigated through in order to achieve a successful sale. Once you have an accepted offer on a home please visit the community manager in order to get the details for starting your application. Remember every park is different in their rules and regulations. Some have pet policies, age requirements, income requirements, etc. etc.
If you have any other questions feel free to call us at 619-596-0333
Attention San Diego.
Manufactured Home Connection is consolidating its forces and will be operating out of our San Diego office. Please call 619-596-0333 for all your North County needs. We have agents in the area to serve you.
The convenience of agents being available to you in North County will stay constant, as we still have agents who work in ALL of the communities in the area.
If you are thinking of selling in North County, call us in for a meeting and see for yourself why we are San Diego County's number one Mobile / Manufactured home sales agency
It is important to us to take special care of all of our clients and we will continue to do so. Thank you for your support !
You can now view a map of all our mobile and manufactured homes for sale in the county!
We are all searching for something different when looking for a new home. Our web team created a clickable map so that our wonderful customers. can easily navigate the town!
Is there a home in an area you like? HOVER OVER the icon with your cursor to see the price
CLICK IT and you will be brought to the information page on that home, complete with pictures and a full description.
Love the home?
Give us a call at 619-596-0333 and make an appointment to see it in person.
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Our 2017 Park Manager Appreciation Night was Thursday, December 7th. That same night, a large storm that whipped through town, knocked over trees, and flooded streets.

But the show went on for those who braved the storm to share in the Holiday joy. We are thankful everyone made it home safely, even the elfs!
This was our second shindig to thank our wonderful park managers for all their hard work. All year long, park managers help us welcome residents into their communities. Gathering together is also a great way for all of the agents and managers to network with one another in a fun, festive atmosphere.
We here at Mobile Home Connection are truly blessed to work with such great people, clients and managers alike. The best part about these events is strengthening our relationship with managers and each other as a team.
When our bonds as an industry are strong, we are more focused and communicative to the needs of our sellers and buyers which allows for deals to flow smoothly. This is when everyone wins!
We are honored to be a part of this industry and happy that the county has made us the most trusted source for mobile and manufactured home sales. Thank you all for your support and a huge thank you to our community mangers! We couldn't do it without you!!!
Mobile Home connection
When buying a mobile / manufactured home in San Diego, there are a few things to consider.

Age Requirements
The manufactured home communities have varying age requirements. Some communities allow all-age groups to be residents, and others have specific age requirements. There are parks that are 55/45 (meaning the youngest person in the home can be 45, as long as there is someone who is 55+ living in the home).
Termite and Health & Safety inspections are always recommended. Even if you are looking to remodel the home, mobile and manufactured home inspectors are specialists in their field. A trained inspector will be able to show you the subtle yet important things to look out for in a specific home. Termite inspections are under $100 with some companies offering them for free. Health & Safety inspections range from $250 - $400, but the time and money you spend on these inspections are worth the piece of mind you will get from them.
Space Rent
The communities in San Diego require new residents to make approximately three times the space rent to qualify. If a community's space rent is $1,000 per month, the new resident will need to have a $3,000+ per month income. The advertised space rent from manufactured home communities usually covers the cost of leasing the land. Be sure to ask the community managers what is covered in rent and what is metered or on a separate charge. Although these costs are minimal, it is nice to know in advance what your future monthly payments will be. Gas, electric, water, trash, and sewer are additional costs to consider.
Have an experienced agent
As experienced agents, we make sure that your rights as a client of ours, buyer or seller, are protected. Understanding the civil code, we will ensure both parties know their responsibilities, to make for a smooth transaction. We believe in making a connection between buyers, sellers, and communities, so that everyone is happy with the outcome. Our agents live in the communities we sell in. This along with having a professional relationship with the managers, is a crucial advantage to successfully navigating this affordable and wonderful lifestyle.

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